Thursday, February 6, 2014

Healthy weight loss?

On Tuesday, the NBC show The Biggest Loser crowned it's 15th weight-loss champion.  But the internet and social media immediately lit up with comments about the winner's drastic weight loss.

Rachel Frederickson, a former swimmer, came to the Bigger Loser Ranch weighing 260 pounds.  Right from the start she showed herself as a fierce competitor on the show. I'll admit, I had her pegged as the winner from the first episode. Week after week, she shed the pounds and worked hard to stay on the show. By the time she was named as a finalist, and sent home to continue her weight loss on her own until the finale, she looked like the athlete she used to be.

(Rachel talks with host Alison Sweeney after winning a triathalon)

On Tuesday, Rachel weighed in at 105 pounds.  Over the course of 7 months, she lost a total of 155 pounds or 59.62% of her total body weight.  At 5 foot 5 inches, that put her BMI at 17.5 (anything under 18.5 is considered underweight by the National Institute of Health).  She looked extremely thin and even the trainers and other contestants couldn't hide the look of shock and concern from their faces.

The Biggest Loser has often been brought under attack over the way their contestants loose weight. Many argue that such significant weight loss over such a short period of time is bad for the body.  In my experience, this kind of weight loss usually leads to temporary results.  There are so many fad diets out there that claim to help you achieve your weight loss goals in a matter of weeks.  But the best weight loss is slow and steady. 

It can't be denied that the $250,000 cash prize had a part in Rachel's weight loss. My hope is that she can now get back up to a healthy weight and stay fit and strong.

Are you looking to loose weight? The best way is to eat healthy, whole foods, exercise regularly and build lean muscle buy lifting weights.  Check out my weight loss story here.

What are your thoughts on Rachel's drastic transformation?

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